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Honourable Mentions

09 Sep 2019

Maxim Karin: nominated by Nicola Stapleton-Tully
“For his dedication to the training team in working to ensure that all staff are trained in MAPA. Over the last few months, Max has worked tirelessly, often travelling outside of his working hours in order to get to venues. Well done Max #ProudToBePrecious.”

Carol Kilmartin: nominated by Kirsty Tulloch
“Carol puts heaps of effort into her work each day. She is positive and always makes those around her smile, no matter what challenges she is facing. Over the past month, Carol has been praised for her work and attitude on four separate occasions by external health professionals, and also by other visitors and members of management.”

Sheree Johnson: nominated by Lauren Bida
“Sheree is new to the team and this is her first care role! She has settled in so well and has really demonstrated professionalism quickly in her new role – well done!”

Hayley Perkins: nominated by Emma Thompson
“Hayley makes a massive effort to make sure I have expressed everything I want to and takes the time to read my blog outside of work. In one of her comments she said that my opinion matters, which felt so validating and exactly what helps me build trust.”

Marian State: nominated by Kirsty Hopcroft
“Marian is such a hardworking individual and thrives in everything he does. He’s an all-round great support worker!”

Verney Street Team: nominated by Abasse Djamaldini
“The Team at Verney is completely new and everyone, without exception, is working really well helping each other and the individuals we support and going above and beyond. The increased quality of life and personal achievements have been recognised by social workers and family members alike.”

Treow House Team: nominated by Jo Walsh

“Recognised for a fantastic compliment from West Cats team who have been working with Jo Rodell and her team over the past 6 months transitioning a new lady into Treow. They say ‘We have been so impressed and grateful with the level of support given…. Jo and her team have been consistently flexible, made themselves available when arranging meetings and visits and have been a pleasure to work with. We cannot thank them enough.”

Toni Zinzan: nominated by Jo Walsh
“We received an emergency placement from BD which needed to be assessed that day to support family breakdown. Toni agreed to go and assess that afternoon and within 12hrs the young person was supported to move into Dyers. This shows a great partnership between operations and BD team and demonstrates that Toni is outcome focused. This type of response also helps to build the reputation of precious homes in the MK area and meant that Central is 100% occupancy – really great work!”

Marie Brown: nominated by Alison O’Meara
“Marie has recently joined us in Birmingham as the Manager of Vermont. She has thrown herself in the deep end and is already having a positive impact. Marie is fabulous and we see great things for the service!”

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