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Holidays at Arthur House

11 Jan 2019

Joanne, Altaf and Michael went on a weekend getaway to Bognor Regis Butlins at the end of November, supported by Precious Homes’ team members, and have some amazing photos to share!

Anthony Flaherty explains: “Joanne and Altaf live at Arthur House and Michael is supported via our team in an outreach capacity. They were all supported to go on a short pre-Christmas break to Butlins. The highlight was attending a silent disco which they loved and they certainly partied the night away”

This holiday is another personal achievement for both Joanne and Altaf who set ‘going on holiday’ as their main goal for the month of November.

Anthony adds: “Setting and achieving goals is a key part of person centred planning and both Joanne and Altaf should be very proud. They all had a wonderful time and a big thank you to the team members who supported them to experience their very enjoyable mini break.”









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