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Gardening project helps Stephen grow his confidence

11 Oct 2019

SM 3 copyA few months ago, Stephen’s parents bought him a courgette plant which he is encouraged to look after and water every day. The plant is kept in the communal garden and, to access it, Stephen needs to walk through the communal lounge. For the first few months, he would return to his flat straight away but, as time has passed, Stephen has begun to stop in the lounge or the hallway and is speaking to staff and peers more and more.

In the past few weeks, Stephen has started calling in for a cup of tea with other residents in the lounge and is now actively choosing group activities he wants to participate in by writing his name on the activity wall posters. Until now, Stephen had never actually attended an activity session, but at the start of September he participated in his first group activity and loved it!

Ashleigh Calder, Manager at Stratford and Fenny, said, “We are so proud of Stephen for building his confidence and socialising with others, as well as growing some marvellous vegetables! Stephen also tests the fire alarms weekly so another thank you for that! I cannot express how proud I am of the team for persevering. Stephen’s parents are equally as thrilled and we are looking forward to see what else he can achieve in the future.”

Stephen enjoyed watering his plant so much that the team decided to make him his own gardening area. Stephen was thrilled and his parents attended the day of the opening.

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