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Future planning in Birmingham

19 Jul 2016

We are excited to announce future plans for a brand new service in Birmingham.

Greg Lapham, Chief Operating Officer at Precious Homes explains: “A fantastic property has been identified in Kings Heath, Birmingham, and planning and design is now underway.”

The Management team are working together to bring together best practice and lessons learnt from existing schemes and developments.

“We adopt a real learning culture at Precious Homes and that goes to service development too. We are constantly reviewing our approaches and models of support, to ensure they are the best they can be and continue to meet the needs of individuals, as well as the commissioning demands of our health and social care partners.”

The key focus is on environments and developing services that people need and that can be shaped and personalised to meet their individual needs.

“The aim is for the new service to mirror the successful design and set up of our three tiered service in Milton Keynes: Roman House, Fenny Mews and Stratford View, but the focus will be on meeting local demand in Birmingham for young people who are coming through transition into adult’s services.”

The team have some exciting ideas and plans to work into the structure with Precious Homes architect partners to really enhance opportunities for the young people who will be living there.

“Plans include a Community Hub, an Internet Café and a Social Enterprise catering facility all linked to the main three-tiered service. We want to develop a real community development in the heart of Kings Heath that can provide a range of opportunities, promote the skills and drive forward outcomes of each young person who lives there.” Greg adds.

We will keep you updated with future plans for this exciting development – watch this space!

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