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Food for Life – New Year Update

12 Jan 2017

In 2016 we were proud to begin sponsoring 12 young girls at the Food Life Vrindavan, Sandipani Muni School in India. It has been fantastic to watch each girl’s journey over the past year. As we head into 2017, the girls have been learning about some significant celebrations including Raksha Bandhan and Holi. Here they share their wonderful photographs and drawings about their recent work.

What is Food Life Vrindavan?

Food for Life Vrindavan is a humanitarian aid organisation and for the past 15 years has worked with some of the poorest villages in India to provide education, food distribution, basic medical assistance and environmental projects to relieve suffering and improve communities.

What is the Sandipani Muni School?

This is a Food Life Vrindavan school in India, which supports slum children and aims to give each child greater opportunities in life. The girls have all been born into slums and a few no longer have parents alive. The school has been set up to change the lives of many slum children and to give them another chance in life.

How does Precious Homes’ sponsorship make a difference?

Precious Homes sponsors 12 girls to attend school to get the education they need, as well as access clean water, hot food, schoolbooks, uniform, equipment and safe transport to school and back.

Part of the sponsorship also includes money kept aside for each girl until she reaches the age of 18 and has completed her studies. This helps to reduce the risk of child marriage and sets these young ladies up for the adult life they choose.

The education the girls receive will help them to take charge of their lives, improve their earning potential and enhance their skills and knowledge about health, nutrition and their overall wellbeing.

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