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Finding a Culture Fit – New Recruitment Approaches

09 Dec 2016

With a number of new services being developed across the UK, a new organisational focus has been placed on recruiting and retaining new team members to join our experienced teams across Precious Homes.

Cathal Lyons, Precious Homes’ Head of Talent Acquisition, explains our new core values-based recruitment methods and why they are so vital in targeting job seekers who have the Precious Homes’ cultural fit.

Cathal explains: “We believe that finding someone with the right, attitude, values and beliefs and/or who has been in direct contact with a family member or friend with complex needs is the key to finding our new support team members.

We also need to find personalities that will fit in our teams across Precious Homes – with the aim for them to really succeed and develop their experience, and ultimately social care careers, within a supportive and proactive learning environment.”

In response, Cathal and his team Tony have re-designed the Precious Homes’ recruitment process – supporting Managers across the UK to recruit and retain high quality staff and focus on values rather than past experience.

A key part of this new process is the launch of recruitment assessment days which involve a mix of interactive group sessions and scenario based assessments followed by 1:1 interviews.

“The days have been a real success, with the agenda of the sessions designed to capture the judgement, behaviours and decisions of candidates in a range of scenarios. The group work also puts any anxious candidates at ease prior to their 1:1 interview, allowing them to come out of their shell and us to see the ‘real’ person in action through instilling this confidence from the beginning. Our assessment days are fool proof and really bring out the best of people’s skills and personalities.” Cathal adds.

The sessions also provide an opportunity for our teams to express the Precious Homes’ vision by describing the culture they will be joining, the expectations of our team members and the fantastic work that is being delivered up and down the UK.

“We want to build a workforce fit for the future and who complement our existing experienced and highly committed team members. We believe that value-based recruitment and our new approaches to drive this forward within the selection process will do just that.” Cathal adds.

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