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What to expect from my assessment – an easy read guide

11 Dec 2019

precious homes easy read assessment guideWe understand that the referral process and face to face assessment can be a confusing and worrying time for people looking for the right support provider. To help ease any anxieties, we’ve created an easy-read document which will help to explain what individuals and their families can expect from their assessment.

The What to expect from my assessment document will be sent out at the point that the assessment is booked, along with a photo of the person who will be leading the assessment. It is also available online.
‘Easy read’ means that the information is presented in an accessible and easy to understand format.

We have used short sentences, using a large font and widget images that represent key words in every sentence. The document and assessors photo can be used by the person or can assist someone who knows the person well to prepare them for their assessment. We’ve received really positive feedback about the document and hope it continues to help others in
the future.

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