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Diwali baskets brighten the day for people in need

11 Dec 2019

The team a Falcon Mews and Robins View In BIrmingham had a busy week towards the end of October, when they joined up with a local charity to help deliver Diwali food baskets.

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The team joined over 200 volunteers to help deliver a staggering 7 tonnes of food, which was split between 525 hampers. The baskets were hand-delivered to socially deprived/vulnerable households from all faiths and backgrounds, in and around Birmingham, ahead of Diwali.

Becky Crawford, registered manager at Falcon Mews and Robins View explaine:

“Diwali is a time of celebration and happiness but there are many people locally who are struggling to feed their families. The team loved getting involved and helping people in need – thank you to you all.”

Each basket also contained a hand made Diwali card and a small electric light or ‘Diya’, linking back to the Diwali festival, which celebrates bringing light where there is darkness, and hope where there is none. Thanks to the team and happy Diwali to
anyone celebrating.

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