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Dean is a lifesaver!

11 Dec 2019

Dean McColl from Fenny Mews showed us that not all superheroes wear capes this month when he spotted someone in danger at his local swimming pool!

DM certificate 16.10.19

Dean and his support worker Frank were enjoying having a swim and splash in their local swimming pool when Dean spotted that someone was drowning. Wasting no time, Dean let Frank know that there was an emergency and they called for a lifeguard. The staff at the pool said that if Dean had not noticed and acted quickly as he did, then things could have turned out a lot worse. Thanks to Dean and Frank, the person was pulled to safety!

Ashleigh Calder, Manager at Fenny Mews:

We are so proud of Dean for noticing that there was an issue and letting someone know quickly. We presented his with a certificate and a ‘gold’ chocolate bar to celebrate his achievements. Well done Dean, you’re our hero!”

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