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Sue, mum of Trudy gives her account of her experience from a family member’s perspective of support of a loved one at Precious Homes. <br />
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Sue, mum of Trudy gives her account of her experience from a family member’s perspective of support of a loved one at Precious Homes.

Sue’s concerns for the future

“My daughter Trudy lives at Precious Homes Treow House Supported Living service based in Houghton Regis in her own flat. Trudy moved into Treow House in February 2013. Trudy arrived with a lot of problems and was very unsettled. I really had no hope for the future.”

Importance of personal space

“I was sceptical about independent living in the early days and thought it wouldn’t be for Trudy. She was living in a residential service previously. Now I realise that living immediately alongside other people wasn’t for her at all.

Trudy lives by routine and can become very unsettled if things change so having her own flat makes such a difference and suits Trudy perfectly. She has her own space and her support team are there whenever she needs them.”

Transparent and open working relationships

“The team at Precious Homes have been fabulous. They never make any promises they can’t keep and are open and honest. They just told me to take one day at a time and to work together – that’s exactly what we’ve done!”

“I have direct contact with the service, the Support Team and even the Management Team and I’m told to ring anytime I have a concern, worry or just want to chat through an issue. This is very reassuring and was a real lifeline for me in the early days.”

Ensuring the support is right

“Precious Homes made sure the set up was right for Trudy. This included using two flats and combining them into one large bespoke flat tailored to her needs and to provide the intensive support she needed initially. This meant Trudy did not have to move to a different service or flat when her needs changed, but support changed around her needs instead.”

Building wider relationships

“As time passed and Trudy began to settle in, things began to change. With the constant help and dedication of the support team there both day and night, Trudy began to engage, go shopping and get out and about. She also began to make friends with her neighbours and other people supported. This has led to her having a social life for the first time! Friends now come to her flat for a chat or coffee or to watch films together. She also goes to the pub or out for lunch with her team and friends. She is really enjoying life and it is so good to see.”

A dedicated team

“She loves the whole team. She doesn’t just have one main person supporting her but knows all the Support Team members. This means that we don’t need to worry if someone isn’t there or leaves in the future – we know this won’t affect her as it may have in the past.

The sheer dedication of the team at Treow has turned Trudy’s world around. She has been supported to feel like an independent woman and I am so happy for her. When we go to visit her she is relaxed so we are also relaxed. I can see she is well cared for, happy and really living her life. She does not get cross very often, but now smiles and laughs a lot!”

The future

“All in all, she is safe, happy and very, very settled. As a family – so are we.

Trudy’s support used to be a constant worry. I used to worry if she was OK, worry that she wasn’t happy, worry about the future and worry what would happen when we are no longer here. Trudy’s move into Treow House has diminished all this worry. It has been the best thing that could have happened. She has her own life and I have got my daughter back.

I would definitely recommend Precious Homes to other families and individuals. Just get in touch, make an appointment or arrange a visit and go and talk to them!”

Referrals & Contacts

We provide a rapid response to referrals and will normally arrange a professional assessment within a few days of your call.


A full and detailed pre-admission assessment is always carried out, free of charge and without obligation, by our highly experienced team prior to a placement offering being made. This values the unique and complex needs of each person and forms the basis of the individuals support plans if they move into the service.

Speak to our Referral and Placements Team on
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