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Spotlight on the Business Development Team

20 May 2020

The central support team at Precious Homes is there to support the business across a range of functions, from recruitment to finance, HR to training and administrative support. This month, we meet the Business Development Team to find out more about their role and how they support all of the work we do at Precious Homes.

Business development team at Precious Homes

Business development team at Precious Homes

What does the Business Development team do?
The team works closely with all our operational teams, local commissioning teams and partner organisations such as Golden Lane Housing. The team play a key part in putting Precious on the Map, ensuring that people needing support, their families and social care professionals know who we are, what we do and celebrate all the great outcomes people achieve with our support. They are often the first port of call and the team always provide a friendly voice or face to share information about our services, how people can make a referral and talk through our assessment process, which for many people looking for support can be a complicated process. The team facilitate discussions between all involved to enable those needing support and their families to make an informed choice about their future support.

The team also works alongside managers to book assessments, review support documentation and liaise with social workers, commissioners and funding panels to gain agreement for a person’s support. The team supports transition planning and works closely with landlords and operational teams to enable people to move into their new homes. The team also works with our other internal support functions such as finance, maintenance and recruitment teams as part of a person’s moving-in process or where individuals move on as a result of making progress.

Who is in the team?
The team is led by Michelle Cox-Coley, who joined the business as Business Development Director last year. Michelle is directly supported by Marek Lapham as Business Development Manager. Vasile Palimaru, Sarah Knight and Daisy Matthews have recently been joined by Eddie Zogaj as Business Development Assistants.

Daisy, Sarah and Eddie are all new to the team, why has the team grown so much in recent months?
Last year saw two long-standing members of the team move on to new roles, so we had the opportunity to take on some new talent! In the last 12 months, three new services opened, which has meant we have needed to increase the capacity within the team to support operational teams to market the services, engage local commissioning teams and manage the referral process up until a person moves into their new home. A role that the team place great importance on getting right for all involved.

How can the Business Development team support me?
The team can help with all areas relating to vacancies within a service, support with changes to support hours, people moving in or moving on and liaising with commissioners or social workers around these processes. The team have a lot of knowledge and experience and are always happy to help with anything they can. They’re a friendly team and every single person is approachable and willing to help. Get in touch!

Meet Eddie, the newest member of the BD team.

EddieEddie joined the team at the start of March. Having worked in the recruitment team for six months after leaving university, Eddie has a good understanding of the business and is keen to put his skills to good use.

Eddie explains, “I am most excited about getting to know my team, developing my skills and doing my bit to help vulnerable members of society transition into independence as much as possible. I had worked at Precious for a while and the comradery and ethos of the BD team stood out to me, so I was really pleased to be offered the role.”

Eddie is no stranger to high-pressure situations and is used to working to tight deadlines. This, along with his organisational and communication skills, made him a good fit for the role. He is looking forward to honing his skills and becoming a valuable asset to the team.

Asked to share something interesting about himself, Eddie says “I arrived in the UK with my family as a refugee, after fleeing war in the Balkans. Growing up I was really good at football and played for West Ham FC under 14s. Last but not least, I am freakishly good at Tetris!”

Welcome to the team Eddie!

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